Downtown Tucson Partnership Offers Another Bonus Gift Card Round Later Today

Rio Nuevo is responding to public demand by sponsoring another round of the Downtown Tucson Partnership (DTP) Gift Card Incentive Program. Round 6 goes live this afternoon, May 8, at 5 p.m. Previous rounds began at 6 a.m. and sold out in a matter of minutes, and this will be the first time for an afternoon launch.

Under the program, people buy a gift card worth $35 for only $25. That $10 bonus incentive is made possible through the support of a sponsor. Previous sponsors include the Downtown Tucson Partnership, Rio Nuevo (now two rounds), HSL Properties (two rounds), and Bourn Companies. Each sponsorship is $12,500, which covers the cost of the $10 bonus for 1,000 cards per round, administrative costs, processing fees, and postage.

Since the program began April 3, $75,000 has been raised in sponsorships, including $25,000 from Rio Nuevo. These local sponsorship dollars, combined with community support, will result in approximately $210,000 infused directly into downtown businesses between the six rounds.