El Con Water Tower Repairs Complete

The 90-foot-tall El Con Water Tower has a fresh coat of paint and exterior repairs. The $70,000 project, which spanned about three months, included repairing rotted and broken wooden doors, patching stucco, removing water stains, replacing missing roof tiles, and more. The repairs were funded through a 2013 Housing and Urban Development Department Community Development Block Grant for historic preservation activities.

The El Con Water Tower was built in 1928 by Martin Schwerin to provide water service to the subdivision of Colonia Solana. Four years later, architect Roy Place designed the ornate tower “sheathing” to enclose the metal frame, mask the 50,000-gallon tank, and highlight the neighboring subdivision of Colonia Solana. The City of Tucson eventually purchased the tower and retired it from service in 1944. The El Con Water Tower is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is designated as a City of Tucson Historic Landmark.

"The El Con Water Tower is symbolic of Tucson's commitment to preserving the past," said Jennifer Levstik, preservation lead planner with the Office of Integrated Planning. "After the building was slated for demolition in the 1960s, the community rallied to save it, and the first rehabilitation of the tower was completed in 1978. The Tucson Historic Preservation Office is continuing the tradition of preserving our shared history"

Read more, and see pictures at the Office of Integrated Planning's website.