Emergency Water Outage this Weekend at Oracle/Magee

Tucson Water crews will need to shut down a water line to complete work in the area of North Oracle Road and West Magee Road. The water outage is scheduled to start at midnight tomorrow night and extend until Sunday at 5 a.m. The work will result in a temporary outage of water service to approximately 1,300 customers in an area roughly bounded by Calle Concordia to the north, North First Avenue to the east, West Chapala Drive to the south, and North Wanda Road to the west. Tucson Water staff has notified all affected residents.

Bottled water will be available near the area of repairs, in the 400 block of West Magee. The work is intended to address water pressure concerns in the area. Customers may experience low water pressure and air in their water pipes after service is restored. Water pressure should return to normal after all water pipes are refilled. Air in water lines can be addressed by running an outdoor faucet closest to the water meter for a short period of time until air trapped in the pipes is released. Read the news release (with map of outage area).