Greyhound Terminal Gets New Location

A new Greyhound bus terminal will be built on a now-vacant lot near East Broadway and South Euclid Avenue. Rio Nuevo says its buying the site for $575,000. The property will be located on East 12th Street, behind the OfficeMax store. The terminal will be on the alignment for Downtown Links, a project that will allow traffic to get to I-10 without going through downtown.

Rio Nuevo's budget is $1.7 million for the 1,500-square-foot terminal expected to open later this year. Rio Nuevo will own the site and lease it to Greyhound. The terminal has been in a portable building near Broadway and I-10 since 2006, when the City relocated it from a site on Congress Street to make way for student apartments.

Under the agreement with Rio Nuevo, the City is obligated to pay Greyhound's relocation costs, estimated at less than $50,000.

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