Keep Cooking Oil and Grease Out Of Drains and Sewers

 Extra cooking for the upcoming holidays means that it’s time to help protect your sewer pipes and the system in general. The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (RWRD) reminds you that pouring cooking oil and grease down pipes can clog and damage sewer lines.

Please take these items to Pima County’s Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility, 2947 W. Calle Agua Nueva, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. The oils and grease can be recycled into biodiesel, a cleaner-burning fuel.

You can also save all your used cooking oil and grease for the 15th annual Grease Collection and Recycling Event on Saturday, Jan. 4. Six locations will be open. Get more information by calling (520) 405-0438.