NewsNet 03-04-15

PARKING METER INSTALLATION THIS WEEK ALONG 4TH AVENUE - Starting today, parking meters are being installed along the east side of 4th Avenue and will be live as soon as they are in place. Parking rates are $1 per hour. Installation along the rest of 4th Avenue is expected to be completed by the end of this week. You can pay for metered parking via the new GoTucson smartphone app or by swiping your debit or credit card. Payment also can be made via a mobile website or local phone number. Learn how to use the new smart meters (Tucson 12 video included).

CITY TO LOOK FOR NEW SITE FOR THE HOMELESS DOWNTOWN - The Mayor and Tucson City Council yesterday voted to try to find a new site for people living in tents and wooden boxes in Veinte de Agosto Park and nearby sidewalks in Downtown Tucson. Currently, the City allocates $16 million on services for the homeless. The Council also agreed to explore a new "urban camping" ordinance, similar to those in Denver and other cities, that would prevent camping on public property. Meanwhile, a hearing is scheduled for next week on a motion to clarify U.S. District Court Judge David Bury's order of what is allowed on the sidewalks, and the City has asked the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to review Bury's ruling that limits police enforcement at the park. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
Yesterday's Mayor and Council Study Session materials

TEENS OFFERED SPECIAL SUMMER PASS FOR BUSES AND POOLS - Teenagers will be able to buy a pass for $45 that will give them unlimited summer access to Sun Tran buses and City of Tucson swimming pools. Under a pilot program approved yesterday by the Mayor and Tucson City Council, teens can purchase the pass at select schools and other locations. The passes will be valid between Memorial Day weekend and the start of the school year. The summer pass offers a 60 percent savings over the cost of buying separate bus and poolpasses. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
Yesterday's Mayor and Council Study Session materials

SIGN UP FOR A FREE WATER AUDIT TO SAVE WATER AND MONEY - Water efficiency is more than just conserving a resource. Tucson Water’s specially-trained Zanjeros water efficiency experts have performed thousands of comprehensive inventories of home water use that helped customers lower their water bills. Learn more about your home’s water-using fixtures, water meter, plumbing, irrigation, and more. Request an appointment by calling (520) 791-3242 or emailing

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