Rio Nuevo Board Agrees to $2.6M Loan for Downtown Project

Tucson Developer Don Bourn received approval from the Rio Nuevo Board for a $2.6 million dollar loan to finance a project called City Park on a now-empty downtown lot. Bourn purchased the property from the City for $100 in 2004 as part of the original Rio Nuevo plan. The loan will fill a gap in financing on the $17 million project located on Congress Street between Scott and Stone avenues. City Park would be a four-story building with a food court, bowling and billiards, offices, and a top floor deck.

Meet the Latest Additions to Reid Park Zoo

Ferrets Nadia and Dimitri are the newest Education Ambassador Animals at the Zoo. Although they don't have a permanent exhibit at the Zoo, the ferrets will make regular appearances at education programs on Zoo grounds and outreach programs in the community. Nadia and Dimitri will also be presented by docents and teen volunteers in the Conservation Learning Center. Ferrets are part of the Mustelid family along with otters and weasels. Read more in the Zoo Blog.

Attend City of Tucson Tax Workshop Tomorrow

Learn your rights and responsibilities for Transaction Privilege (Sales) Taxation by attending the Tax and License Workshop sponsored by the City of Tucson Finance Department. The retail workshop will be held Thursday, 10:30 a.m.-noon, at the Murphy-Wilmot Library, 530 N. Wilmot Road. Questions will be answered, and written materials will be available. Samples of sales tax records, worksheets, and monthly returns will be explained.

Happy Birthday Sun Link

The Sun Link Tucson streetcar officially celebrated its second anniversary yesterday. The streetcar system has served more than 2 million passengers since it began service. Connecting five districts in the heart of Tucson, the streetcar system has been widely embraced by locals, students, and visitor to the region. It has also become an important component in revitalization of downtown.

Free Popcorn and Movies at Kids Fest

The Loft Cinema's annual Kids Fest is underway and features a free, family-friendly film every morning this week. Staff from the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program will be at all of the screenings distributing free bike helmets. Doors open at 9:15 a.m. for pre-show games, live performances, giveaways, popcorn, and surprises. The Loft Cinema is a nonprofit organization and the popular Kids Fest is presented by Trail Dust Town.