NewsNet 06-10-15

CITY COUNCIL VOTES TO CONSOLIDATE GENERAL ELECTION IN NOVEMBER - The Mayor and Tucson City Council voted yesterday to combine the City General Election with the Pima County Bond Election, projected to save the City of Tucson approximately $100,000. That means Pima County will be in control of the General Election. The City Clerk’s Office will conduct the mail-in August Primary Election as usual, but will then turn over the balloting to the Pima County Elections Department for the November General Election. Tucson's 218,000 active voters all will receive vote-by-mail ballots for the Primary Election in August. For the General Election, only the 135,000 city voters registered on the Permanent Early Voter List will receive mail-in ballots. The others will have to either request a mail-in ballot or vote at a polling place. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

BROADWAY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT MOVES TO NEXT PHASE - After an hour-long public hearing last night, the Mayor and Tucson City Council unanimously approved the Baseline Alignment Concept for the Broadway: Euclid to Country Club Improvement Project. The vote also approved guidance for the technical design and directed City staff to begin conversations with the affected property and business owners. The technical design phase will develop the alignment concept into plans that will be used for construction, which is projected to begin in 2018. Regular updates will be provided during the technical design process and posted on the project website.

MAYOR AND COUNCIL FINALIZES BUDGET - Following a public hearing last night, the Mayor and Tucson City Council voted to adopt the proposed Fiscal Year 2016 $1.368 billion Recommended Budget. An ordinance establishing tax levies in accordance with the adopted budget is on the Regular Agenda for the June 23 meeting.

CITY BEGINS PROCESS TO HIRE NEW POLICE CHIEF - The 15-member Citizens Advisory Committee for Police Chief Appointment will help interview finalists to replace Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor, who plans to retire in December. The committee was created yesterday by the Mayor and Tucson City Council. The City also has a $43,400 contract with search consulting firm Police Executive Research Forum. Mayor and Council gets final say on the candidate selected by the City Manager. The job announcement will be posted in early August and will be open for one month. A final selection is expected to be made in November. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

CITY OFFERS $2 SWIM LESSONS FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY - The City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department, in partnership with the American Red Cross Aquatics Centennial Program, still has spots available for $2 summer swim lessons (ages 6 months to 17 years) for those who qualify for the Discount Program. Find out if you qualify by viewing the Discount Program at the link below, or by calling 791-4877. You must register for the discounted lessons in person at 900 S. Randolph Way. For those who don't qualify, swim lessons will be $15. Lessons are offered in four, two-week sessions, with eight lessons per session during June and July. Eighteen pools throughout the city are open until Aug. 5. Read the news release.