NewsNet 06-19-14

CONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY ON NEW TUCSON AIRPORT TOWER - Tucson International Airport soon will have the newest air traffic control tower in the United States...a far cry from what is now the second-oldest in the country. Officials broke ground yesterday at the future site of the 252-foot tower. The new control tower will be twice as tall as the current one built in 1958. Tucson Airport Authority President and CEO Bonnie Allin says the iconic tower will be preserved for other yet-to-be-determined uses. The new tower will be built on the south side of the airfield with a 13,000-square-foot base and adjacent 1,600-panel solar farm to generate part of the facility’s electricity. The Federal Aviation Administration is spending $42 million on the project, which is expected to take about two years to complete. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

TEXTING WHILE DRIVING LISTED AS TOP RISKY BEHAVIOR FOR TEENS - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says more than 40 percent of the teens they surveyed reported that they had texted or emailed while driving. Meanwhile, The City of Tucson urges our citizens to recognize the potential for tragedy associated with texting while driving, which is illegal in city limits. In addition to risking their own lives and the lives of others, motorists caught texting while driving are subject to a $100 fine, which increases to $250, if involved in an accident. Read more from Tucson News Now.
Anti-texting while driving PSA video from Tucson 12
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ENDANGERED SPECIES FOUND SPAWNING AT GRAND CANYON - The razorback sucker, an endangered fish species believed missing from Grand Canyon National Park since the 1990s, has been found spawning in the lower Colorado River. Researchers recently discovered larval razorback suckers in the river that runs through the Grand Canyon, U.S. Department of the Interior officials said yesterday. The razorback sucker, which can grow to up to three feet in length and live 40 years or more, was once abundant throughout the Colorado River and its tributaries from the Green River in Wyoming to the Gulf of California. Due to habitat changes and non-native species in the river, the razorback sucker recently was known to occur only in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area on the Arizona-Nevada border. The National Park Service and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation released nine adult razorback suckers on March 16 in the Colorado River within Grand Canyon National Park. The larval fish were first detected April 14 and again in multiple samples later in April and last month, officials said. Read more from the US Department of the Interior.

SUMMER SAFARI NIGHTS CONTINUE TOMORROW AT REID PARK ZOO - Enjoy the Zoo and cooler evening temperatures at a series of themed nights featuring different zookeeper chats, animal encounters, artifact stations, enrichment-making activities, crafts, and scavenger hunts. The event runs every Friday, from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m., through July 11. Tomorrow night's theme is Positively Pachyderm Night, featuring elephants and rhinos. Meet the elephant family and their keepers. You also can watch a training demonstration, see elephants swimming, and watch them enjoy frozen treats.  View the schedule and admission prices at Reid Park Zoo.

SEE VINTAGE TUCSON POLICE VEHICLES ONLINE - "Throwback Thursdays" is a popular social media trend where people and businesses post pictures from the past. The Tucson Police Department went way back into its past for today's Facebook posting, showing vintage police vehicles from many years ago. In fact, the photos are so old, they aren't even in color! View the photos at TPD's Facebook page (also shared on City of Tucson's Facebook page)