NewsNet 07-14-14

TUCSON FIRE DEPARTMENT (TFD) PERFORMS SWIFT WATER RESCUES - Tucson Fire units rescued an 8-year-old girl and her father after they became trapped in a wash on Tucson's southeast side yesterday. The wash, at the 4000 block of South Avenida De Las Palmas, was dry when the two entered, and they ended up climbing the tree for safe refuge. Four firefighters with safety equipment made their way across the wash in an in-line position to the stranded pair. The 8-year-old was placed in the middle of the four firefighters and the five walked to safety. The same technique was used to then get the father. TFD units also were in place downstream as standard procedure in the case that someone got swept away. Neither father nor daughter required medical attention after being rescued. In another incident early this morning, rescue crews also removed a man from a flowing wash near Starr Pass and Mission Road. Tucson Fire crews remind people to stay out of washes this time of year, as water can flow quickly during the monsoon. Watch the rescue video at TFD Facebook page.

TUCSON NAMED TOP 10 CITY FOR MILLENIALS IN THE SOUTHWEST - A new study, conducted by Havas PR North America, surveyed Hispanic and non-Hispanic 18-to-34-year-olds living in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas on topics including family, food and work. The findings were published in a report called, “Mi Casa en Los Estados Unidos: Millennials of the Border States.” As part of the survey, about 800 participants were asked to name one Southwest city that they thought would be best for their generation in the future. Tucson was the 10th most popular. Factors cited include the University of Arizona, diversity, proximity to the border, rich history and culture, and an open-minded community. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

CITY PARTNERS WITH TECH LAUNCH ARIZONA TO HELP START-UPS - With the creation of new businesses an important part of the City of Tucson’s economic development strategy, the City and the University of Arizona have formed an alliance to incubate local technology start-up companies. The Commercial Network Alliance is a part of the University’s Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) program and focuses on engaging local talent and expertise, particularly UA students and faculty. Tucson has been identified in several recent national studies as one of the most promising cities for entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. The Commercialization Network Alliance was created to help fully realize that promise. 

NEED HELP STARTING OR EXPANDING A BUSINESS IN TUCSON? CALL THE SMALL BUSINESS ASSISTANCE LINE - The City of Tucson's Small Business Assistance Line, (520) 837-4100, is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Help is available in both English and Spanish. Staff from the City Manager's Office of Economic Initiatives answer the calls. The Small Business Assistance Line is one of a number of City initiatives, along with 21 new business incentives, streamlined permit processes and more, to make the City of Tucson more business-friendly.

FOLLOW THE PROGRESS ON THE DOWNTOWN LINKS PROJECT - The City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) have a Downtown Links website to give citizens information and updates on one of the largest transportation projects in Tucson. The $76 million project will result in a four-lane roadway north of the Union Pacific Railroad that will link Barraza-Aviation Parkway and Interstate 10, Broadway Boulevard with 4th Avenue, and downtown with the neighborhoods to the north. Downtown Links also will provide alternate access to downtown, new and safer underpasses and railroad crossings, and improved sidewalks and bike paths.