NewsNet 08-01-14

MARTHA DURKIN BEGINS HER SERVICE AS INTERIM CITY MANAGER - The City of Tucson administration welcomes a new leader today.  Assistant City Manager, Martha Durkin, was appointed by Mayor and Council recently as the interim replacement for Richard Miranda, whose retirement became effective yesterday. "I am honored to serve as Interim City Manager and build upon the City's mission to provide excellent service delivery," Durkin tells NewsNet. "This is a time of great synergy between our organization and the community as we all work toward a more vibrant and prosperous Tucson." Durkin is the first woman to hold the leadership post, and she will serve as Interim City Manager until a permanent Manager is hired by Mayor and Council. Durkin has worked in local government since 1984.

RESIDENT THANKS TUCSON FIRE DEPARTMENT FOR SAVING HER LIFE - Sandy Goodsite recently suffered a stroke at work.  Fortunately, she was treated within three minutes by Tucson Fire Paramedics Bill Nielson and Robert Smith, and her life was saved.  Goodsite showed her appreciation this week with a full-catered meal for the entire fire station. "I appreciate everything they did, and I don't know how often people come and say 'thank you' to them but I wanted them to see me, that I wasn't just laying on a bed looking like I was about to go out," Goodsite said. The Goodsites also visited the doctors and nurses who helped Sandy at Tucson Medical Center.

NEWSPAPER HIGHLIGHTS FUN THINGS TO DO ALONG THE STREETCAR LINE - The Arizona Daily Star yesterday published a 16-page pullout section highlighting the places for fun, food, and drinks along the 3.9-mile streetcar route. The "Caliente" insert gives a little background about the Sun Link project, while focusing on all of the new development and places to eat and explore along the line, from the University of Arizona, 4th Avenue, downtown, and the Mercado west of I-10. There's even a story about the redevelopment of Tucson's birthplace, nestled near the base of Sentinel Peak. Meanwhile, the latest report from the Downtown Tucson Partnership highlights more than $900 million of public and private investment along the streetcar route.
RECYCLING DURING STREETCAR WEEKEND AND AT THE STOPS HELPS OUR ENVIRONMENT - More than 30,000 bottles of water were given out during the opening of the Sun Link Tucson Streetcar last weekend, and more than a thousand pounds of those empty bottles and other recyclable materials were diverted from the landfill. “Each of the streetcar stops has a permanent dual trash/recycling container for passenger use,” said Francis LaSala, Tucson’s Waste Diversion Manager. “Until now, public transit stops have not been outfitted with recycling containers. Most of the waste generated by transit passengers are recyclable things, like beverage containers and newspapers.” In addition to the dual containers at Sun Link stops, the City recently installed trash and recycling bins downtown to allow residents the opportunity to “Do More Blue” while on the go. Read the news release.
TUCSON POLICE TO TEACH CAR SAFETY TOMORROW - The Tucson Police Department’s nationally-certified car seat technicians will teach parents and guardians about the proper use of car seats at the "Kidz Expo Back to School" event. The event will be held tomorrow at the El Pueblo Regional Center, 101 W. Irvington, from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Three classes will be held during the four-hour event - two in Spanish and one in English. After attending the hour-long class, parents will be given a car seat. Registration for the classes will begin at 10:00 a.m.