NewsNet 08-06-14

CITY FINALIZES ANNEXATION OF 163 ACRES ON SOUTHEAST SIDE - In a unanimous vote yesterday. the Mayor and Tucson City Council adopted the final ordinance for the annexation of Century Park Marketplace. The annexation includes approximately 163 acres at the intersection of Kolb and Valencia Roads. The site has the potential for development of 1.3 million square feet of retail space, which would generate construction sales tax, retail sales tax, and impact fees. "Annexation is a great opportunity for the City of Tucson, because it allows the City to collect additional sales tax, control growth, and capture more of the state-shared revenue," Annexation Project Manager Mike Czechowski told NewsNet.
MAYOR AND COUNCIL TO HOLD PUBLIC HEARING ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA RULES CHANGE - The Mayor and Tucson City Council yesterday voted unanimously to hold a public hearing to discuss recommendations from the City's Planning Commission to allow home delivery of medical marijuana to qualifying patients, extend dispensary hours, and expand limits on "infusion kitchens" that produce marijuana-infused food products. The public hearing on the proposed amendments will be held Sept. 9 during the Mayor and Council meeting, and the new rules could take effect the next day if approved. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
- With the intention of reducing the number of feral cats, the Pima County Board of Supervisors yesterday unanimously approved a plan to capture, sterilize, vaccinate and release cats who live in the wild. The $1.5 million Community Cats program is a partnership between the Pima Animal Care Center, the Best Friends Animal Society, and PetSmart Charities. The goal is to sterilize 5,000 cats in each of the next three years. Animal-care workers want to decrease the euthanasia rate of cats by about 30 percent. Pima County will contribute $600,000 to pay for the spay and neuter surgeries. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
- Do your conversations include discussions of Solid Phase Extraction methods, volatile organic compounds and GC/MS analysis? Then a career as a Tucson Water Chemist may be perfect for you. The utility is looking for a highly-qualified individual with a chemistry background to analyze drinking water, surface water, and wastewater utilizing EPA-approved methods. The application deadline is Aug. 17. Read the job description.
- The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center is urging hikers, gardeners and others to be on the lookout for deadly baby rattlesnakes who don't rattle until they first shed their skins. That makes them particularly dangerous, the Center says, because they can't warn people and animals of danger. Also of note, adult rattlers don't always give warning before striking.