NewsNet 08-25-14

INDUSTRY PREDICTS TUCSON TOURISM TO TOP MARKET IN 2015 - Tucson will be the top market for tourism growth in 2015, with a projected 7.1 percent increase, according to a study by Atlanta-based PKF Hospitality Research. That compares to a 2.9 percent growth in demand nationwide. The city has been slower to recover than others in the West and Southwest, said Visit Tucson CEO Brent DeRaad. Local hotels haven’t returned to pre-recession occupancy levels, but they saw a stronger peak season, January through April, compared to the same period last year, he said. In addition, more visitors are coming through Tucson International Airport. Visit Tucson recently launched a new marketing campaign using the slogan “Free Yourself,” which highlights Tucson’s laid-back, free-spirited lifestyle. Visit Tucson also reports tourism accounts for more than $150 million a year in direct tax revenue for Tucson and Pima County. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
TUCSON NAMED TOP 'CARING CITY' -, a real estate website, lists Tucson as the third most-caring city in the United States. The website says it determined the top 100 largest U.S. cities and ranked the top ten according to a number of factors, including student-counselor ratios, charitable donations, pet shelters, homeless services, crime, and Facebook "likes" for charities and causes. Tucson received high scores for pet shelters, homeless services, counseling, and having the fourth-lowest crime rate per 100,000 people.
BABY ELEPHANT Q & A - Dubbed "Tucson's Big Baby" on social media, the new African elephant calf at the Reid Park Zoo is creating a lot of buzz in our community and beyond. Answers to most common questions from the public: She still doesn't have a name yet. She isn't outside on any particular schedule. The baby and her mother, Semba, are bonding well. She is the first elephant ever born at the Reid Park Zoo. And, yes, she was born on the City of Tucson's birthday last Wednesday. For more updated information, the Zoo has a Baby Elephant FAQ posted on its website. You can also follow the calf's progress at the Reid Park Zoo and City of Tucson social media sites (links below).
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FARE OPTIONS FOR STREETCAR - There are many fare options available to ride the streetcar. Cash is not accepted on the car, but you can use it at machines at the stops to buy a $4 one-day pass. In addition, you can buy SunGO passes online or at regular Sun Tran merchants. Discount fares are available for certain students, low-income residents, seniors and disabled passengers. University of Arizona faculty, staff, and students can ride streetcar for free, through Sept. 14, if they sign up for a special U-pass. The City of Tucson has a video that tells you everything you need to know about how to ride the streetcar
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BECOME A DOCENT AT TUCSON'S TERRITORIAL SITE - The Presidio San Agustín del Tucson Garrison is looking for people who would like to portray 18th Century soldiers. The Garrison includes Catalonian volunteer light infantry, presidio soldiers, and dragoons of Spain - all one-time residents of the walled Tucson community. Located downtown at Washington and Church Streets, the Presidio San Agustín del Tucson is a re-creation of the northeast corner of the original 1775 Spanish presidio. A self-guided tour explains features including a munitions room, torreón (tower), commissary, and living space for soldiers and their families. An open Hohokam pit house is found on site, along with an interpretation of features that came before the Hohokam period. Docent training begins Sept. 6.
The Tucson Presidio Trust for Historic Preservation