NewsNet 09-10-14

PUBLIC COMMENT TOMORROW ON QUALIFICATIONS FOR NEW CITY MANAGER - The Mayor and Tucson City Council will hold a Special Meeting tomorrow to hear public comments regarding the recruitment of a new City Manager. The 5:30 p.m. meeting is to hear public input on the desired qualifications for the candidates. Bob Murray and Associates is serving as the executive search firm to assist in the recruitment process. Martha Durkin has been serving as Interim City Manager since Richard Miranda retired on July 31. Read more about the search process for City Manager.
MAYOR AND COUNCIL STUDYING SHORT-TERM HOME RENTAL REGULATIONS - Tucsonans who rent their homes to tourists could be regulated like any other hotel or bed and breakfast. Hotels and other businesses must pay taxes, have permits, inspections, and insurance, but short-term rentals aren’t subject to those regulations. Short-term rental companies, which facilitate property rentals by owners, were the topic of a presentation yesterday by Visit Tucson CEO Brent DeRaad and Marion Hook, chairwoman of the City of Tucson's Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business Commission. Supporters of the changes estimate that $500,000 in bed taxes could be generated by short-term rentals in Tucson. The Mayor and City Council directed staff to meet with community partners to discuss possible regional solutions and report back in 90 days. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.
Mayor and Council short-term rental agenda item from yesterday (item 8)
TRAFFIC ALERT: CAMINO DE LA TIERRA CLOSED AT THE RILLITO - The Camino de la Tierra dip crossing at the Rillito remains closed to traffic, as crews from the City of Tucson Department of Transportation continue to work to remove storm debris and repair damaged asphalt at the northwest side crossing. Crews expect to finish the work by Friday.

WATCH ZOO ANIMALS FROLIC IN THE RAIN - It doesn't rain in Tucson very often, so when it does, it's a delightful change for animals at the Reid Park Zoo. Watch a video of different animals reacting to this week's big storm, even though they all had access to dry spaces.
R - Tucson Water is seeking candidates to read water meters. Duties also include helping with water service requests, customer inquiries, and meter operations for the utility's 236,000 accounts. Successful applicants must like people, walking, driving, and teamwork. The deadline to apply is this Friday.