NewsNet 09-24-14

ANNEXATION BENEFICIAL TO NEIGHBORHOODS - Becoming part of the City of Tucson has its benefits for those currently on the periphery of city limits, while Tucson also benefits by getting a larger portion of state-shared revenue. With more than 300,000 people living outside Tucson city limits, that amounts to tens of millions of dollars every year in tax money already paid to the State of Arizona that could be used in our community to help fund police, fire, roads, and parks. Learn how the Empire Vista Neighborhood is benefiting from its recent annexation, in this Tucson 12 video.

MAYOR AND COUNCIL CONDITIONALLY AGREE ON WESTSIDE VISITOR CENTER - As City of Tucson leaders plan to develop nearly 28 acres of vacant land west of downtown, Mayor and Council agreed yesterday to give five acres of that land to Pima County for a future regional visitor's center. However, the projected $15 million visitor center would have to be included in a successful 2015 bond package and satisfy other Council concerns before the City formally turns over any property. The City hopes a bond-funded visitor center will help attract commercial, retail, or residential development to the western edge of the streetcar route, south of Cushing Street, said Nicole Ewing-Gavin, program director for Tucson's Office of Integrated Planning. Even though the Council approved giving up the land, it refused a County request for the City to build a parking garage. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star.

TUCSON POLICE DEPARTMENT TO USE NEW TOOL TO COMMUNICATE WITH NEIGHBORHOODS - The Tucson Police Department (TPD) is partnering with, a private social network for neighborhoods to build stronger, safer communities. TPD's integration with Nextdoor will allow police to get messages to individual neighborhoods, which could be helpful in cases where a suspicious person may be targeting a particular neighborhood. TPD says it feels confident this additional form of communication can increase neighborhood safety. More than 114 Tucson neighborhoods already have started a Nextdoor site, representing 50 percent of Tucson's neighborhoods. Police say Nextdoor will not replace neighborhood meetings. Read the TPD news release.
AED SCAVENGER HUNT THROUGH THE END OF THE MONTH - There's only one week left in this month's scavenger hunt for automated external defibrillators (AEDs). The Tucson Fire Department (TFD) and the University of Arizona Department of Emergency Medicine are hosting the HeartMap Tucson Challenge, an AED scavenger hunt that aims to raise awareness about AEDs and to a build a comprehensive database of where the devices are located. At last report, TFD said 900 devices had been located in Tucson. Registration for the challenge is open to individuals or teams. Prizes range from $50 to $5,000. AEDs are electronic, briefcase size devices designed to allow bystanders to help someone who collapses during a cardiac arrest prior to the arrival of emergency medical help.
ADOPT A PARK TO HELP KEEP PUBLIC AREAS CLEAN - Tucson Clean and Beautiful is seeking community volunteers to adopt parks, streets, washes, and other public areas on an ongoing basis. There are more than 700 sites available for "adoption." Volunteers (at least five in a group) agree to remove litter and debris once a month, while making notes about conditions of the site that require attention by maintenance employees. To become a part of Tucson Clean and Beautiful’s environmental stewardship efforts, or for more information, visit its website. You can also email, or call 791-3109.