NewsNet - 2017 in Review (Part 4 - Zoo Animals)

As 2017 is coming to a close, NewsNet this week is looking back at some of the accomplishments and fun things that happened in the City of Tucson this year. Today, we have a special edition that focuses on some of the new residents at Reid Park Zoo (videos included). We hope you enjoy reading/watching these stories again.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs at Reid Park Zoo (Video 3/6/17)
You don’t have to travel to Madagascar to meet ring-tailed lemurs. Reid Park Zoo this year introduced its new troop of prosimians (Elm, Oak, and Linden) to the public. Ring-tailed lemurs can live in a wider range of habitats than any other lemur species. They are adapted to live in the coldest, hottest, and driest habitats in Madagascar, including the desert, making the lemurs perfectly suited for Tucson. Ring-tailed lemurs are classified as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, the listing authority for species worldwide. Human interference is contributing to their declining population. Tucson 12 has a video to show you the Zoo's new residents and how they interact.

Learn About Meerkats (Video 4/5/17)
When Reid Park Zoo conducted a public opinion survey asking what new animal visitors wanted to see at the Zoo, the common meerkat was one of the top choices, and the Zoo delivered. Learn more about meerkats in the April edition of Zoo News on Tucson 12.

Poison Dart Frogs Arrived at Zoo in June (Video 6/16/17)
Thanks to a generous legacy donation by a longtime docent, Reid Park Zoo is displaying poison dart frogs in its Conservation Learning Center. Follow the Tucson 12 video link below to see the frogs in action and learn about how they got to the Zoo.

Meet Reid Park Zoo's Tamandua (Video 9/13/17)
One of the newest babies at Reid Park Zoo is a tamandua, a lesser anteater native to South America. Tierra, which means Earth in Spanish, was born on Earth Day in April. A tamandua shares many traits with its relative, the giant anteater, including long tongues, sharp claws, and a love for insects. Tierra eventually will become an animal ambassador, making appearances at education demonstrations. In the Tucson 12 video linked below, learn why her birth is so important.

Endangered Red Panda at Reid Park Zoo (Video 11/13/17)
The public is enjoying winter residents at Reid Park Zoo. Visitors in November were able to see 7-year-old Princess Lily for the first time. Update: A 3-year-old male red panda named Lhotse just arrived at the Zoo and will share the habitat until they both move to their permanent home in Utah in March. Red pandas are not related to giant pandas or foxes. They are their own group. Watch the Tucson 12 video to see Princess Lily and learn more about the red panda species.

Our thanks to Tucson 12 and Reid Park Zoo for providing content for the above stories. Tucson 12 is the City of Tucson's government TV station. To watch more stories and learn more about Reid Park Zoo, please follow the links above or watch Cox Cable channel 12 and Comcast channel 75.