Rabid Skunk Found at Jesse Owens Park

Pima Animal Care Center recovered a dead skunk that tested positive for rabies last weekend at Jesse Owens Park, 400 S. Sarnoff Drive. A witness reported the incident to PACC last Saturday, saying he saw several unleashed dogs eating the carcass. PACC still hasn't located the owners of the dogs. The PACC officer who responded to the call attempted to find the dogs, but did not observe any when he arrived.

If you have any information on the dogs, please call PACC at 724-5900. Area residents who suspect their pet may have had contact with the dead skunk, or those who recently visited Jesse Owens Park, should consult their veterinarian.

In addition, PACC Chief Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Wilcox recommends residents who live in that area get a booster rabies vaccine for their pets and keep them under close observation over the next few days for any changes in behavior. To date, the Arizona Department of Health Services has confirmed 74 rabies cases in Pima County. Of those, this is the sixth case involving a skunk.