Reminder: Tucson Water Recommends Flushing Procedures for Buildings Prior to Reopening

Owners and tenants of buildings which have been closed for several weeks will have stagnant water held within the private plumbing lines. This stagnant water can undergo changes in quality. To ensure continued health and safety of employees and customers, Tucson Water recommends systematically flushing twice the volume of water held in the lines through the plumbing system.

Flushing steps and links to tips to mitigate exposure to stagnant water are posted online in English and Spanish. Tips include flushing plumbing furthest from the meter and through as many outlets as possible simultaneously to ensure continued health and safety of employees and customers. Owners and tenants are also advised to flush cooling towers, evaporative coolers, and misting lines.

The steps include links to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the American Water Works Association. For other business-related information, please visit ConnectTucson.