Revised Distracted Driving Ordinance Now in Effect

Starting today, Tucson Police Department officers will be handing out information cards describing the City of Tucson's newly revised ordinance requiring the use of hands-free devices when using cell phones and other electronics while driving. This is part of a 30-day educational and warning period before officers start issuing citations for violators in March.

The Mayor and Tucson City Council last month approved the ordinance (Item 9) that makes texting and driving and the use of handheld electronic devices by motorists a primary offense in city limits. It had been a secondary offense, meaning officers needed to spot another violation before citing someone.

Under the revised ordinance, the civil violation fines are $50 for a first-time offense. A second violation will carry a $100 fine, and future fines will be $200. If involved in an accident, the fine will be $250 (even the first time).