Road Recovery Fog Seal Program Resumes This Week

Several streets will undergo pavement preservation beginning tomorrow and Thursday, as part of the five-year, $100 million Road Recovery bond program that City voters approved in 2012.

Fog Sealing is the application of a thin layer of asphalt emulsion that helps cover small roadway imperfections, cracks, or other small voids and seals the existing asphalt to preserve the roadway.

Crews from Southern Arizona Paving and Construction Co, under contract with the City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), will work from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m., but will keep at least one lane of travel open in each direction.

The affected roads this week are: Mission Road/Grande Avenue - Starr Pass Boulevard to Cushing Street; Starr Pass Boulevard – Santa Cruz Lane to Camino Santiago; Congress Street – Grande Avenue to Interstate 10; Alameda Street – Stone Avenue to Church Avenue; and Anklam Road/St. Mary’s Road – Greasewood Road to Silverbell Road.

Bond Oversight Commission Annual Report.