Safety Pilot Program at Sentinel Peak Park to Begin Monday

The Mayor and Tucson City Council recently approved a six-month Sentinel Peak Park (“A” Mountain) Road Safety Pilot Program that will expand pedestrian and bicycle access while still maintaining vehicular access for the community.

Beginning on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, Mondays will become vehicle-free days, meaning cars and trucks will not be allowed, and the vehicular gate will remain closed. On Tuesdays-Sundays, vehicular gate access hours will be from 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

The park hours will be sunrise-8 p.m. Access to the lower parking lot will be available during vehicle-free times. There will be limited traffic on the road during vehicle closure times, including on Mondays, due to routine park maintenance and the construction of the trailhead ramada, scheduled to be complete the first week of December.

The decision by Mayor and Council follows significant community discussions, outreach, and data collection facilitated by City officials and City staff working with neighborhood and community groups who have voiced concerns about traffic safety and user behavior at the landmark. City officials will actively monitor the pilot through its completion, collecting additional data from users and neighbors, and return to Mayor and Council with a report and recommendations sometime next spring.