Simplification of Golf Rates on City Council Agenda

The Mayor and Tucson City Council next Tuesday will consider changing the rate schedule for Tucson City Golf, amending the structure from 110 rates to 24.

Under the current system, golfers pay different rates that depend on factors such as course location, time of year, day of the week, time of day, whether they are city residents, when they book, and whether they have any discounts. Under the proposed structure, the highest maximum rate (paid by non-residents in the spring at Randolph) would increase to $60, up from $56.

The lowest maximum rate (paid by residents in the summer at Fred Enke) would increase to $19, up from $18. All cart fees would increase to $14, up from $12. Fees were last changed in 2009.

OB Sports was hired in January 2014 to manage Tucson City Golf and took over the operations on Feb. 1, 2014.

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