Tapir Born at Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo’s Baird’s tapir, Contessa, gave birth to a male calf last Saturday. The calf appears healthy, is nursing regularly, and is becoming more active. Mother and baby will remain behind the scenes for approximately three weeks to gain strength and to bond with minimal stress. Contessa’s pregnancy lasted approximately 13 months. The calf has not been named yet.

“This is a significant birth for Reid Park Zoo, as well as for the North American Baird’s tapir population,” said Zoo Supervisor Adam Ramsey. “I’m very proud of the staff members who worked diligently to monitor and train Contessa, maximizing the likelihood of a successful birth. I think she’s going to be a great mom.”

Contessa came to Reid Park Zoo specifically to breed with the Zoo’s male, Tupi, as part of a Species Survival Plan®.

See photos of baby Tapir at Reid Park Zoo's Flickr page.