Tucson and Pima IDA Housing-Assistance Programs Help Fund Homeless Programs in Pima County

The Tucson and Pima County Industrial Development Authorities (IDAs), together with their longtime partners in the Tucson Pathways to Purchase Program, have contributed more than $5 million to the Tucson/Pima County Rapid Rehousing Program. The program is a collaboration of the Arizona Department of Housing and the IDAs to help individuals and families in Pima County who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Some of the $5 million has been set aside for future assistance. Over the past two years in Pima County, the Rapid Rehousing Program has helped more than 300 local households exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. That's an 83% success rate.

There are no income or employment conditions for qualification, and the resources and services offered are typically tailored to the needs of each person. Organizations selected to provide Rapid Rehousing support services include the Primavera Foundation, the Sullivan Jackson Employment Center, Old Pueblo Community Services, Community Bridges, and Our Family Services.