Tucson Bicyclist Hopes to Use Data to Reduce Bike Crashes

After recent fatal and non-fatal crashes involving bicyclists and motorists, a Tucson man launched a website to collect information on crashes to help prevent future occurrences.

Robert Fritz, whose friend and riding companion, Ken Vieira, died in a recent crash, launched SafeBicyclingData.org on March 6. At the website, bicyclists can report the location, time, and circumstances of near misses, as well as crashes that may not have been reported to authorities. The goal is to improve signage, paint bicycle lanes green, or fix infrastructure at dangerous spots before more bicyclists are killed, Fritz said.

The City of Tucson uses data on crashes collected by the Tucson Police Department, but does not have data on near misses, said Ann Chanecka, coordinator of the City of Tucson Bicycle and Pedestrian Program. Fritz’s website could be a resource for the City, she said.

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