Tucson City Court to Close for a Few Days Starting Friday

Tucson City Court will be closed for business this Friday, April 1, through Monday, April 4, in order to transition to its new case management system, Arizona Judicial Automated Case System (AJACS). The court will be open on a limited basis next Tuesday with scheduled hearings and trials in courtrooms, but the customer service lobby and website will be closed. People having a scheduled court date of Tuesday, April 5, are expected to appear in court, unless they received a notice rescheduling the date. Full court operations are scheduled to resume next Wednesday.

The Court’s current case management system, AZTEC, is approaching 17 years of age and lacks modern automation efficiencies. Tucson City Court will be the largest volume court in the Arizona court system to transition to AJACS and will be converting approximately 440,000 open cases to the new system. Adjudicated cases that met the electronic records retention period will not transition to AJACS.

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