Tucson Fire Department Program Helps During Pandemic

The Tucson Fire Department's Tucson Collaborative Community Care (TC-3) is making a difference for first responders, health care workers, and the community. TC-3 is a joint effort by the Tucson Fire Department, Tucson Medical Center, and community partners that want to reduce the number of nonemergency calls to 911.

TC-3 originated in 2016 when Tucson Fire personnel recognized that a significant number of callers were overusing 911. Identifying these individuals and the root causes of their behaviors and then connecting them to existing community resources has resulted in a reduction of calls to 911.

TC-3 offers urgent medical-related transportation through two dedicated vehicles, including an Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant van. During the pandemic, the reduction in nonemergency 911 calls helps limit possible exposure to COVID-19 for clients, EMS personnel, and other workers on the front lines.

Since the statewide stay-at-home order was implemented in March, TC-3 has offered expanded services to 1,700 clients. Fire departments across the nation are looking to emulate the program, which was featured recently in an article in the Arizona Daily Star.