Tucson Fire Department Works to Reduce Non-Emergency 911 Calls

Non-emergency calls to 911 are straining the system, and the Tucson Fire Department (TFD) recently launched a new program to divert those calls elsewhere, saving taxpayer dollars. Tucson Collaborative Community Care (TC3) is uniting the health care and social service communities to help those who frequently call the emergency line to ask for help with things like diabetes symptoms, medications, helping people get up and down, the need for social services, and more.

TFD Captain Mike Bishop leads the program and works with two crew members to connect the callers with a local agency that fits their specific needs, freeing up dispatchers and others to deal with more serious emergency calls. The TC3 team, which rides in a TFD pickup or sedan, gets callers needs met so they no longer need to call 911 for non-emergency situations, which automatically sends an engine crew and paramedics to a scene.

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