Tucson Helps City of South Tucson With Trash Collection

Tucson City Manager Michael Ortega last week directed staff to begin delivering old garbage trucks and trash containers to South Tucson. The decision is a week ahead of the next Tucson City Council meeting, which would formalize a temporary lease contract between the two communities after Waste Management severed its contract with the 1.2-mile city last week in a dispute over $300,000 in unpaid bills. South Tucson prepaid for the trucks and containers it's leasing from the City of Tucson as part of the proposed intergovernmental agreement.

If the Tucson City Council next week decides not to approve Ortega's plan, the current arrangement could be canceled in 60 days. Commercial trash collection in South Tucson is unaffected, because private businesses have individual contracts for garbage and recycling. South Tucson's trash problem does not affect customers in the City of Tucson.

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