Tucson Inmates Could Be Housed in Santa Cruz County

The City of Tucson soon could send people convicted of misdemeanors to Santa Cruz County to serve their jail sentences. The two jurisdictions created an agreement that would send inmates with sentences of 10 days or more to Nogales, where the cost of housing inmates is less than at the Pima County Jail.

For each inmate sent to jail by Tucson City Court judges, Pima County charges the City about $279 for the first day and $85 for each subsequent day. Under the proposed Intergovernmental Agreement, Santa Cruz County would charge a flat daily fee of $65, plus any medical costs needed.

Tucson is projecting to pay Pima County nearly $7 million for housing inmates this fiscal year, up by about $330,000 from the previous year.

The proposed agreement is up for consideration at tonight's Tucson City Council meeting.

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