Tucson is One of Best Places to Watch Meteor Shower

One of the best meteor shows of the summer takes place this week when the Perseid meteor shower hits the Northern Hemisphere. Up to 100 shooting stars an hour should be visible in the northeast sky (weather permitting). USA Today's 10 Best lists Tucson as the second best city to view the meteors, right behind Kielder Forest, England.

"Tucson's mountain peaks boast the largest number of telescopes around the globe, so it's often referred to as the Astronomy Capital of the World," the website said. "Cozy up at the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains and catch the stars shooting by from your blanket or through a telescope at one of the many observatories dotting the nearby mountaintops. Spots like The Westin La Paloma also have a cosmic concierge on hand to guide you through stargazing over s'mores."

The Mt. Lemmon Sky Center says the hours between midnight and just before dawn are the best time to see the Perseids, which should wind down tonight.

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