Tucson Police Department to Be Part of National Study

The Tucson Police Department (TPD) recently was selected to be part of a two-year study with Polis Solutions to validate its Tact, Tactics, and Trust (T3) program. TPD was selected as one of only two police departments nationwide to participate in the study. The T3 program uses a hands-on approach to teach core communication skills (such as de-escalation, pattern detection, and engagement) to officers that promote both officer safety and community policing. Unlike many training methods, the T3 program steers clear of passive, lecture-based training, focusing instead on training that integrates tact, tactics, and trust in an interactive format.

As part of the study, 24 TPD officers yesterday began a three-day train-the-trainer program taught by Polis Solutions. The program includes the officers and members of the public who act as role players for the scenarios. In addition, representatives from the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the Advancing 21st Century Policing program are observing the training.

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