Tucson Police Warn of Baby Formula Tampering

The Tucson Police Department (TPD) is warning parents to carefully check the seal and examine any baby formula before using it.

In a late-night news conference last night, Police Chief Chris Magnus said a woman was purchasing and/or stealing infant formula — including Gerber “Good Start” Soy — from east side Walmart and Fry’s stores and tampering with it. The suspect allegedly removed the contents of the formula from the containers, refilled them with other substances (including flour and other various contents), resealed the containers, and then returned them for a refund.

Magnus said one child had to be treated at a local hospital after drinking the formula but is okay now.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Jennifer LaPlante of Tucson, has been charged with Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices (Class II Felony) and Child Endangerment (Class V Felony). Other charges may be forthcoming. If you have any questions or information about the case, please call (520) 791-5059.

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