Zebra Foal Due This Spring at Reid Park Zoo

Anna, the Grevy’s zebra at Reid Park Zoo, is pregnant and expecting her first baby late this spring. Anna and her mate, Ben, came to the Zoo last spring thanks to a breeding recommendation as a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan.

Keepers observed breeding behavior between Ben and Anna shortly after they were introduced at the Zoo. They began to suspect Anna was pregnant when there were behavior changes between the two zebras, and the pregnancy was confirmed with a fecal hormone test. Keepers are monitoring Anna’s health and weight throughout the pregnancy, while carefully tracking her food intake to make sure she is getting enough calories.

Grevy’s zebras are an endangered species whose population in the wild has dropped by 83% over the last 40 years, with fewer than 2,500 Grevy’s zebras remaining in Africa today.