Dogs Home Alone Survive Midtown Fire at Apartment Complex

An apartment fire in the 2200 block of North Ralph Avenue (near Grant Road and Columbus Boulevard) displaced two residents yesterday after a fire started on the balcony due to an improperly discarded cigarette. Two dogs that lived in the apartment were taken out by firefighters and are okay. The two apartment residents, a male and female, weren't home at the time of the fire.

Reid Park Zoo Closes Camel Rides Temporarily

A camel at Reid Park Zoo was diagnosed Monday with a bacterial infection (Corneybacterium pseduotuberculosis). In the interest of extreme caution, to prevent any cross contamination with the Zoo’s animals, the camel ride operation has been suspended for the time being. The camel is being treated aggressively with antibiotics, and all four camels will be kept under strict quarantine. The camels, owned by a private contractor, arrived in Tucson in November 2014.

Tucson Parks and Recreation Seeks Public Input on Five-Year Master Plan

The Tucson Parks and Recreation Department wants to know how it can improve recreation and leisure opportunities for all of its users. The department is in the process of gathering information that will result in a vibrant, new five-year master plan that anticipates future needs and outlines the actions necessary to deliver high-quality recreation facilities, programs, and services to the Tucson area. Public and stakeholder input is essential and critical to the success of the master plan.

Interactive Maps Provide Valuable Information About Tucson

ZoomTucson is an interactive mapping site that allows citizens to find government information and services, such as political representatives, trash and recycling collection schedules, zoning, and school boundaries. ZoomTucson's clean and simple map interface allows users to search by an address or click on a location to display a wealth of information. It's also good for people interested in moving to Tucson.

Watch Lions Play in Muddy Water

Tucson's summer thunderstorms can turn animal exhibits into mud pits in just a few minutes, but that's not always bad. Lions aren't generally known for their love of water, but this past weekend's break in their afternoon routine proved irresistible for the playful young lions at Reid Park Zoo.

Enjoy the video below.


Deadline Approaching to File Arguments For or Against Ballot Propositions

The deadline to submit arguments about November's ballot propositions is this Wednesday. There will be three Charter change questions on the Nov. 3 General Election ballot, along with a citizen's initiative to ban red light cameras in the City of Tucson. Arguments will be included in the sample ballot/publicity pamphlet for the election. That pamphlet will be mailed to each household with a registered voter in the City.

Donate Now Through Tucson Cares

The City of Tucson cares about the community, and now you have the opportunity to demonstrate your support for the City and the community it serves. All donations to the City are tax deductible and can be made quickly and easily through the Tucson Cares page on the City of Tucson's website. Donation amounts begin at $10, and donors can pledge their support to one of four categories, including animal care.