Council Member Karin Uhlich Not Seeking Re-Election

Ward 3 Tucson City Council Member Karin Uhlich announced via email yesterday that she will not run for another term. Her current term doesn't expire until late next year, but Uhlich said she wants to allow any potential candidates for the job to have plenty of time for campaigning.

"I will fulfill my next 18 months of service with sustained energy and focus," she said. "Then, after 12 years in office, I’ll proudly step aside and support the incoming Council Member as she/he enters this fulfilling and privileged role serving the public."

Ninth Circuit Vacates Injunction Against City

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the City of Tucson yesterday in a case over how much authority the City has to regulate a downtown homeless encampment. The court lifted an injunction issued by the U.S. District Court in December that kept the City from enforcing a policy about what possessions a person may have while sitting on a sidewalk in the downtown area.

While the injunction was in place, the Mayor and Tucson City Council approved a new law defining what possessions may be kept on the sidewalk.