Gem Show Parking and FREE GemRide Shuttle

GemRide FREE Shuttle!

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Around the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase

Available February 1 – February 17, 2019

GemRide is easy and convenient to use, especially when you park in a Park Tucson parking facility.

  • Park at any Downtown Garage or the “Shuttle/Parking Hubs"
  • GemRide is a FREE shuttle system connecting parking with Gem, Mineral, Fossil, & Bead shows
  • Connects to 42 shows
  • Hop on or off the shuttle at any of 34 stops on 4 routes
  • 8:00 am -7:00 pm Daily
  • Service Times vary depending on Shuttle Route

Brought to you courtesy of the City of Tucson Office of Economic Initiatives and the City's parking management division, Park Tucson

Maps of GemRide Shuttle Routes and Parking

View and print map and lists of Gem, Mineral Fossil and Bead Shows along the GemRide routes.

All Shuttle Routes with Parking (pdf)

Individual GemRide Route Maps

Maps of Parking Garages/Lots where you can Park & Catch GemRide

Parking Garages near Stop #10 of GemRide's Downtown Gem Loop:

Or, park at any of the other 11,000 parking spaces along the Sun Link Streetcar line, on-street or in other lots and garages. Then, hop on board the Sun Link streetcar to the Tucson Convention Center or the Downtown West Hub to board a GemRide shuttle.

Handy Mobile Apps let you Plan Your Visit from Your Smart Phone!

The official Tucson Gem Show Guide app provides visitors with everything they need to know about when and where each event is held, type of event (public, wholesale or both), shuttle and streetcar locations and routes, and dining options. The interactive map makes navigating and planning a breeze, so guests can get as much out of the gem and mineral show as possible.

Tucson Gem Show Guide


Metered Parking - GoTucson Parking App

Pay at one of more than 1,800 metered parking spaces.  Get alerts when your paid time is running low, so if you are running late, you can extend your paid time from your smart-phone!

             Pay for Metered Parking Online   

Ride the Sun Link Streetcar - GoTucson Transit App

Purchase single boarding fares, 1-day passes, 3-day passes, or 30-day passes


Tugo Bike Share - Cycle Finder App

Get around, while getting some exercise and enjoying the Tucson sunshine. Tugo is a network of bicycles available for rent for short trips in the city center area. During the gem show, you may purchase a 3-day Tugo pass for just $12!


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