Non-Resident Parking Permit Program

Looking for a place to park near the University of Arizona? A Non-Resident Parking Permit from Park Tucson can reserve a space for you close to where you work or go to school.

Permit Basics

  • Permit Program hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday or 24-hours/7 days a week depending upon permit location.
  • Permits are issued annually from August 1st to July 31st.
  • The Parking Permit Zone Map is available online: Parking Permit Zone Map.
    After the map loads, please follow these instructions:
    1. Zoom into a selected parking zone.
    2. Turn on the Parking Space layer.
      Red Polygons = sold spaces
      Green Polygons = available spaces
    3. Choose an available location and indicate this information on your application. Be sure to include cross streets (i.e. Mabel between Santa Rita and Mountain).
    4. Select an alternative available location and indicate that on the application in the event your desired space is not available.

Program Details

Program policy details, application and instructions are available online in PDF format:

Annual Permit Costs

Non-Resident Parking Permits Permits are available in areas surrounding the University of Arizona, Downtown and 4th Avenue. The streets are clearly marked with Non-Resident Permit signage.

University of Arizona Area:

  • Zone A: $450/year
  • Zone B: $350/year
  • Zone C: $300/year
  • Zone D: $250/year
  • Zone E: $100/year

Downtown/4th Avenue Area:

  • Zone X: (Downtown core) — $300/year
  • Zone Y: (Downtown periphery) — $275/year
  • Zone Z: (4th Avenue Area) — $250/year

Hanging Tags: Permits can be placed on hanging tags for an additional $100 per year in case more than one vehicle is in the program.

Permit Purchase Policy

Application for permits may be obtained in the Park Tucson office located at 110 E. Pennington Street, Suite 150, or online here: Park Tucson Program Application: Non-Residential Permit pdf. You may also call the Park Tucson office at (520) 791-5071 and request an application be mailed to you.

Payment Policy: Cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are accepted. Returned checks are subject to an additional $28 fee. Failure to satisfy a returned check within 15 working days will result in permit revocation.

Permit Renewal Policy: Continuing customers can renew their non-resident parking permit beginning July 1st of each year to secure their preferred space. If no selection is made, all spaces go on sale to the general public in August. If you decide to move to a different location, you will have to wait until August 1st to make the change.

Permit Replacement Policy

Sold or Traded Vehicles: The registrant must remove permit prior to selling or trading-in a vehicle. The permit must be presented to Park Tucson to receive a free replacement permit.

Stolen Permits: A police report is required for a free permit replacement.

Windshield Replacements: Permits will be replaced free of charge provided satisfactory proof is presented that the windshield bearing the permit has been replaced.

For vehicles out of service due to accident or repair, with proper documentation a temporary permit may be issued for an alternate vehicle. Please call the Park Tucson office at (520) 791-5071 for more information. If the conditions above are not met, a replacement fee of $50 will be charged for a replacement permit.

Permit Holder Regulations

All Park Tucson permits are vehicle specific and cannot be transferred, sublet, or sold. All vehicles utilizing a hanging permit must be registered with Park Tucson at time of permit purchase. Displaying a hanging tag permit on a vehicle that is not registered with Park Tucson may result in a citation for that vehicle. All Park Tucson permits are block face specific. Permits are not valid in any location other than that for which it is purchased. Non-hanging parking permits must be permanently affixed to the rear windshield, lower left-hand (driver's side) corner, or a citation will be issued. Convertibles and trucks with camper shells may affix permits to lower left-hand corner (driver's side) of front windshield. Park Tucson permits may be revoked without refund for the following reasons:

  • Failure to comply with the above regulations.
  • If permit holder has three or more unpaid parking citations.
  • If permit holder receives three or more parking citations for parking in an unauthorized permit program location in a calendar year.
  • If vehicle registration is not current.
  • For providing false information on permit application.

Permit Refund Policy

Refund will only be made if the following criteria are met:

  • Withdrawal from the University of Arizona.
    • Student: A University of Arizona Withdrawal Form from the Dean of Students is required.
    • Employee: Documentation from the Human Resources Department of seperation or retirement is required.
  • Medical Disability: A doctor’s note stating that you are unable to utilize the space is required.

Permits will be refunded on a prorated basis. A $50 processing fee will be deducted from the refund. Permits must be returned to Park Tucson. No refunds will be issued after January 31st.

Street Construction & Repair in Permit Areas

On occasion, it may be necessary to suspend the permit program to accommodate construction needs. For scheduled work, Park Tucson will notify permit holders of alternate parking areas. However, emergency street/utility repairs may occasionally occur. If possible, permit holders should first attempt to park in their designated area. However, at no time should permit holders park in conflict with barricades or signs posted for construction. Vehicles parked in violation of these signs will be subject to citation. Please call the Park Tucson office at (520) 791-5071 for additional information.


Parking Enforcement Agents will routinely patrol permitted areas. Parking in violation of City or State codes will result in citation. Please be sure you are familiar with all local parking regulations. For additional information please call the Park Tucson office at (520) 791-5071.


The City of Tucson and Park Tucson assume no responsibility or liability for any vehicle or its contents anytime the vehicle is parked on City of Tucson streets or within any Park Tucson facility.