Park Genius

Now there's another way you can pay for metered parking in Downtown and near the UA campus without having to look for coins.

All you need is a credit or debit card, and you can pay through Park Genius, a mobile site that accepts payment for on-street parking and then alerts Park Tucson's parking services agents that you have paid for the meter time.

Park Tucson is undertaking a three-month pilot project with Park Genius on the following streets in the Downtown and University of Arizona areas:

  • Scott Avenue, between Pennington and Broadway
  • Alameda Street between Main Avenue and 6th Avenue
  • University Blvd. between Park and Euclid
  • Helen Street between Fremont and Santa Rita
  • 7th Street between Highland and Cherry

If you park at a meter in any of these areas you may still use a coin to pay for the parking, or you may pay through the Park Genius website or free mobile app.

Park Genius instructions pdf

Park Genius website

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