Pay for Parking with Go Tucson Parking Mobile App

parking meter detail with zone infoThe GoTucson Parking mobile app is the easiest way to pay for metered parking in Tucson! 

  1. Download the app for FREE from your smart-phone app store.
  2. Set up your account on the app.
  3. Look for the zone and space number on the decal on the side of the parking meter
  4. Input into the app when prompted
  5. Choose the amount of time you want to purchase
  6. You're on your way!

The app will send you an alert as your paid time approaches expiration, allowing you to extend your time up to the legal limit at that meter, and continue with your lunch, meeting, or visit to a shop or museum! 

Set up your own prepaid "wallet" on your GoTucson Parking account, avoiding having many small transactions on your card statements or complicating the process of balancing your checkbook. You can even get receipts for your parking transactions.

GoTucson Parking also allows you to pay for meter parking without needing a smart-phone as long as your phone is internet-enabled at  If you have a phone but no internet access, you can call (520) 441-3752 to pay for your parking.