Neighborhood Parking Program

The City of Tucson Neighborhood Parking Program was started in 1983 and has since grown to include programs in 15 neighborhoods. The program helps to manage parking in residential areas where non-resident parking is impacting the ability of residents to park.

Programs protect and improve the quality of life and character in the neighborhood by reducing the amount of overflow parking, discouraging cut-through traffic, and ensuring adequate parking spaces for citizens who live in the neighborhood.  The program also generates revenue that can be used for reinvestment in the area.

    Neighborhoods with Parking Permit Programs

    • Armory Park
    • Barrio Santa Rosa
    • Barrio Viejo
    • Blenman Elm
    • Dunbar/Spring
    • El Presidio
    • Feldman's
    • Iron Horse
    • Jefferson Park
    • North University
    • Pie Allen
    • Rincon Heights
    • Sam Hughes
    • Samos
    • West University

    Want a Permit Program in Your Neighborhood?

    Park Tucson Petition Form – Neighborhood Add/Change/Renew Permit application pdd

    Information, Policies, and Rules for Permit Holders - Neighborhood Parking Permit Information

    • All permits are vehicle-specific.
    • A permit cannot be transferred, sublet, or sold.
    • Permits are valid only for the street block for which they are purchased.
    • Permit holders are subject to all City of Tucson parking regulations, just as all citizens are.

    After-Hours Service for 24/7 Permit Areas

    Permit-holders in 24/7 Residential Permit areas may now request enforcement outside of our regular business hours. Call the Park Tucson office at (520) 791-5071 after hours and Press "1" after the prompt. Your call will be forwarded to the Parking Services Agent on duty.

    Permit Application - Neighborhood Parking Permit Application

    Having work done on your home?
    You may need a Temporary Construction Permit.

    If you are having work done on your home and there will be one or more vehicles that need to park on your street for an extended period of time, you will need to obtain a Temporary Construction Permit for each vehicle.

    To Apply

    The Park Tucson office is temporarily closed to the public, so please contact us by phone--(520) 791-5071--or by email ( and we will get right back to you.   

    Prices for the permits are:

    • $1.25 per day
    • $6.25 for one week
    • $12.50 for two weeks
    • $18.75 for three weeks
    • $25.00 per month

    Neighborhood Reinvestment Program

    A portion of permit and metered parking revenue generated within each participating neighborhood is made available to make transportation-related improvements to sidewalk infrastructure, right-of-way landscaping, and traffic mitigation.  Earned funds are carried over from year to year until reinvested in the neighborhood.  Participating neighborhood associations may propose projects to be funded by this program.