Donations and Memorials

You can donate to Tucson Parks and Recreation through the Tucson Parks Foundation.

Tucson Parks and Recreation also offers other opportunities for recognizing or memorializing family members and friends, and for recognizing individuals' and groups' extraodinary accomplishments or contributions to the betterment of the Tucson community and its citizens as outlined below.

Tucson Parks Foundation Pantano River Park Commemorative Trees
Benches Naming of Parks and Recreational Amenities

Tucson Parks Foundation

The Tucson Parks Foundation is a non-profit, 501c (3) organization working with public and private partners to supplement and support the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation’s programs, services, and capital projects; particularly those that help children, at-risk youth, seniors and the disabled.  Since its inception in 1983, the Tucson Parks Foundation has donated more than $3 million to improve Tucson’s parks and recreation facilities and expand opportunities for all citizens to enjoy these public treasures.

The Tucson Parks Foundation also has the ability to accept contributions for specific projects, in coordination with the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department. If your neighborhood or organization wants to host fundraisers for specific projects that are currently underfunded, you can work with Parks and Recreation to make a donation to the Foundation to supplement any public funds in the project.

With a desire to renew, revitalize, and strengthen its mission and commitment, the Tucson Parks Foundation is looking to tap the abundant energies and special talents of people in our community. Please visit the Tucson Parks Foundation website to become a member and help us improve Tucson’s park and recreation experience.

Your tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated to improve the quality of life of Tucson residents.

Donate online through the Tucson Parks Foundation website or by mail (check or money order) at:

Tucson Parks Foundation
900 S. Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ 85716


If you would like to make a donation to the Parks and Recreation Department for the purpose of installing a bench with a plaque in memory of a deceased individual, please submit a request to the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Tucson Parks and Recreation department will attempt to accommodate the wishes of the applicants in relation to the selection of the bench location. However, consideration has to be given to the ambiance and management plan for any particular park. The final decision on these issues will be at the discretion of the Administration.

Please call Parks Administration at 791-4873 for additional information.

Pantano River Park Commemorative Trees

Tucson Clean and Beautiful accepts requests for tree dedications along the Pantano River Park.  Commemorative tree dedications are accepted throughout the year for the twice-yearly plantings. Trees may be dedicated honoring individuals or families, and for any reason - in celebration of special milestones such as weddings and anniversaries, birthdays, retirements - or in memory of someone. A dedication certificate is provided, along with name imprinting on the commemorative wall. 
Visit Tucson Clean and Beautiful's website, email, or call (520) 837-6832 with any questions.

Naming of Parks and Recreational Amenities

Tucson Parks and Recreation accepts requests for the naming of park properties and amenities in an effort to recognize individuals, families, or groups for extraordinary accomplishments, contributions to the betterment of the Tucson community, Tucson's citizens, or the Tucson Parks and Recreation Department, and a connection to the park or amenity in question.  The Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission and the City of Tucson Mayor and Council must approve naming requests.

Please review the information below, including the full policy, before submitting your initial inquiry.

General Procedure:

  1. Initial Inquiry: to verify that the park property or amenity in question is eligible for naming.  Eligibility does not guarantee approval.
  2. Application:
    • Required Documents
      • Application form
      • Biographical sketch or historical information to validate the name change
      • Justification: Why this park?  Why this person or group?  What is the connection between the two?
      • Letter of acknowledgement from the corresponding City of Tucson Council Ward Office
      • Signed petitions:
        • Mini Park (1 acre or less): 50 valid signatures within ¼ mile
        • Neighborhood Park (1-15 acres): 100 valid signatures within ½ mile
        • Community Park (15-40 acres): 250 valid signatures within 1.5 miles
        • Metro Park (40-200 acres): 500 valid signatures within 3.0 miles
        • Regional Park (200+ acres): 750 valid signatures within 7.0 miles
        • Trail Segments (e.g., trails, walking paths, multi-use paths):  100 valid signatures per ½ mile length within ½ mile
        • Park Amenity (e.g., sports fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, etc.): 50 valid signatures within the service area for the related park size
    • A letter of approval from family, legal guardian, or representative is required if the honoree is deceased.
    • Additional letters of support or other supporting documents (optional)
  3. Tucson Parks and Recreation Department Reciept of Application
    • Public Comment Period (45 days minimum)
  4. Tucson Parks and Recreation Department Review
  5. Tucson Parks and Recreation Commission Review
  6. City of Tucson Mayor and Council Review
    • If the recommendation is approved by the City of Tucson Mayor and Council, Tucson Parks and Recreation staff will assist the applicant in coordinating the naming ceremony.  The applicant shall be responsible for all costs associated with changes to park signs in accordance with City of Tucson and TPRD standards.  Installation shall be coordinated with TPRD staff.


The Naming of Parks and Other Recreational Amenities Policy (PDF) - UNDER REVIEW

Initial Inquiry Form (Submit your initial inquiry using this link.)