Learn-to-Swim Program Skill Levels  

Swim lessons are open for registration on EZEEreg.com

Two sessions for summer 2021:
Session 1 - July 6- 16, register online from June 14-June 29 at noon
Session 2    July 19-30, register online from June 14-July 13 at noon
Separate classes will be available for parent and child.

Summer information 2021

American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program Skill Levels

Parent and Child/Preschool Classes

Parent and Child Classes: For ages 6 Months to 3 Years - Parents are taught to safely work with their children in the water as they learn the skills to help prepare them to learn how to swim. In-water participation by parent or other care-giving adult is required for each child. Children almost 4 years old who complete Parent-Child Lessons may advance to Preschool Lessons with instructor recommendation.

Preschool Classes: For ages about 4 or 5 Years - Classes of approximately 6 children work with an instructor as they learn to safely enter and exit the water, make progress through the water using arms and legs, and float and recover. All skills are performed with instructor support. Parents observe from an area away from poolside. Children who are nearly 6 and complete Preschool Lessons may advance to Learn-to-Swim Level 2 or 3 Classes with instructor recommendation.


Levels 1-6 (About Ages 6 and older)

The City of Tucson has a new, streamlined, swim lesson registration process. You will simply select the session dates, time, and location you would like to attend, and our talented team will do the rest! You will be able to register for all 4 sessions beginning May 17.

On the first day of lessons, certified Swim Lesson Instructors will perform swim testing on each participant; assessing swimming abilities based on the American Red Cross benchmarks (see below). Your child will then be placed in the appropriate class, with similarly skilled children. All classes will maintain a 1 instructor to 10 participant ratio and will be 30 minutes in length.

Note: In some cases your child may be the only one in that level at that pool and may need to be moved so we can accomodate a larger group.

Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills - Children who have not completed Preschool Classes learn to safely enter and exit the water, make progress through the water using arms and legs, and float and recover. All skills are performed with instructor support.

Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills - Children perform Level 1 skills, swimming several body lengths without instructor support.

Level 3: Stroke Development - Children learn the front crawl and elementary backstroke, swimming each 15 yards, and are introduced to the scissors and dolphin kicks and treading water.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement - Swimmers practice front crawl and elementary backstroke and are introduced to sidestroke, back crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, and turning at the wall.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement - Swimmers practice front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and sidestroke over increasing distances and are introduced to flip turns.

Level 6: Advanced Classes -Specialty classes in Swimming and Skill Proficiency, Personal Water Safety, Fundamentals of Diving, or Fitness. Area of focus determined by Pool Supervisor.

Registration Fees

  • Swim lessons are $15 for each 2-week session.
  • For those who qualify for the Discount Program, swim lessons are $2 for each 2-week session (available to the first 1,400 registrants). 
  • A full refund will be given prior to the session start date. No refunds will be given once the session has begun.