KaBOOM! planning has begun for our new playground at Kennedy Park

Build a Playground in Kennedy Park in One Day!  Volunteers Needed!

The Sky’s the limit as Tucson kids imagine bright futures with more play!
Kids from Tucson put crayons to paper and drew their dream playground, which ultimately will become a reality with help from Fiesta Bowl Charities and organizers from national nonprofit KaBOOM!.
Elements from their drawings will be incorporated into the design of the playground that will be built on Saturday, April 29, at Kennedy Park. Design Day was also the first meeting for the playground committee that will determine how best to create and catalyze the new playspace so more Tucson kids can have the childhood they deserve, filled with balanced and active play, so they can thrive.


A playground is more than a playground. It’s a brain-expander, friend-maker, and muscle-builder. Play is central to a child’s ability to grow into a productive adult. It can transform children from sedentary, bored, and solitary to physically, mentally and socially active. KaBOOM! works to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. We do this by creating great places to play, inspiring communities to promote and support play and driving the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy and productive lives (#playmatters).
The new playground will bring more than 1,900 kids in Tucson one step closer to having the play-filled childhood they deserve. Currently, there is one existing playground at Kennedy Park that is more than 20 years old and does not meet the needs of the popularity of this park. Kennedy Park is a regional park and the ramadas and fields are reserved year-round. New playground equipment will expand play opportunities to the youth in the community by providing them with an age-appropriate area to play in a very active and vibrant park.
The playground is the third built by Fiesta Bowl Charities and KaBOOM!. Through this partnership, more children will have the joyful childhood they deserve. Fiesta Bowl Charities supports KaBOOM! in promoting and protecting a child’s right to active play at home, at school, and in the community.