New Playground at La Madera Park

KaBOOM! La Madera playground build.




The community rallied together to build a playground, primarily funded by Humana, with senior-focused and adult elements, including fitness stations and walking paths, to promote good posture, balance and flexibility – as well as more traditional, kid-friendly equipment to create a truly multi-generational space. The project will create a gathering area to inspire family picnics and get-togethers for years to come. The project is one of more than 50 playgrounds (#HumanaBuilds) being built by Humana, the Humana Foundation, and KaBOOM! across the U.S. over four years to show communities that #playmatters.

Thank you to the more the 300 volunteers who showed up on Build Day! Also a special thanks to Humana, KaBOOM, City of Tucson Ward 3 staff and Council Member Karin Uhlich, Parks and Recreation staff, Lend A Hand, and the planning committee members for your big contributions to make this project a success!




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