Park Rules

Use of Drones

Drones (e.g. UAS, radio-controlled planes, helicopters, quadcopters and the like) are prohibited in City of Tucson parks, with the exception of Christopher Columbus Park's Model Airplane Field and its adjacent turf area, per the following regulations:


Tucson City Code

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Chapter 21 Parks and Recreation

Article 1 Operation and Regulation of Parks (partial list)

Sec. 21-1 Definitions

Sec. 21-2 Operation of parks under director

Sec. 21-3 Regulations regarding park use

Sec. 21-4 Permits, licenses, and reservations

Sec. 21-5 Regulation of activities in areas adjacent to or affecting parks

Sec. 21-6 Enforcement

Sec. 21-7 Penalties

Sec. 21-8 Consumption of malt beverages