Reservations and Rentals



  • Some ramadas are equipped with electricity, picnic tables, grills, nearby playground equipment, restrooms, and other amenities.
  • View detailed information including availability and amenities.
  • Power is not guaranteed.
  • Picnic tables are available, but we cannot guarantee their placement at specific ramadas.
  • Open-pit fires are prohibited.

Three Ways to Make a Reservation

Typical ramada

  1. Online at
  2. Call 520-791-4873, option 3
  3. In-person at Administration, 900 S. Randolph Way
  • Ramadas are reserved for the full day (8 a.m.-7 p.m.).
  • Reservations may be made up to one year in advance.
  • Beer and Wine Permits may be reserved online, by phone, or in person.
  • Amusement equipment permits may only be made by phone or in person.
  • When you make your reservation you will be asked the type of event (picnic, family reunion, special event, tournament) and number of attendees.
  • If your activity is open to the public, you may be required to obtain liability insurance.
  • For parties of more than 200 people, a letter describing your event is required.
  • Always have your reservation permit with you during your event.
  • You agree to the terms and conditions in the Facility Use Waiver.
  • Amplified music must be approved.


  • Full day ramada reservation is $25 for City residents and $30 for non-City residents.  
  • Beer/Wine permits are $25 for City residents and $30 for non-City residents.
  • Proof of address will be required to confirm you are City of Tucson resident.


  • Payment is due at upon booking.
  • Your reservation will automatically be cancelled if full payment is not received by the due date.
  • Payment types: Cash, credit/debit cards, or checks/money orders (payable to the City of Tucson)

Amusement Equipment

  • Permit must include City approved vendor's name
  • Approved list of vendors
  • Kiddie trains and pony rides are not permitted in Reid Park
  • Personally owned inflatables/amusement equipment are not permitted
  • Interested vendors can apply to be on our list here

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Call  520-791-4873, option 3.
  • Requests must be received at least one (1) business day prior to the reservation.
  • If your event is rained out, requests must be recieved within five (5) working days after event to receive credit for the rainout and/or to reschedule your event.
  • To receive a refund for beer/wine permits, the actual permit must be returned to Tucson Parks and Recreation Administration prior to the event.
  • No refunds will be issued after the reservation date.

Beer/Wine Permits

Vendor Permit Information

Tucson Parks and Recreation offers three types of vendor permits, Quarterly, Special Events and Daily. 

Ice Cream Vendor Permits are in a Lottery System.

  • Lottery is held at Tucson Parks and Recreation Administration (900 S. Randolph Way) for more information contact (520) 791-4873, Ext. 5.
  • Vendor permits are issued on two month basis.

Special Event and Daily Vendor Permit Information

  • Special event permits are issued for a specific park in conjunction with a special event
  • Daily fees are required for the duration of the event

Live or Amplified Music in Parks


  • Must be approved by Administration.
  • Music must be kept at a reasonable level to avoid disturbance to other park users and nearby residents.
  • All music must conclude by sundown (6 p.m. in McCormick and Reid parks) unless otherwise approved in writing by the director.
  • Park hours must be observed as posted.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in loss of amplified music privileges.

Party, Wedding, and Meeting Space

  • A variety of ramadas and special places are available to accomodate large group gatherings.
  • Meeting/conference rooms of varying size, many with kitchen facilities, are available to accommodate indoor wedding receptions and parties. Reservations are made by calling the centers directly.
  • Golf course clubhouses are available for celebrations. These facilities offer full-service catering and refreshments.
  • For more information call 520-791-4873, option 3.

Ballfield and Court Reservations

Basketball court

  • A variety of ballfields and courts are available for reservation. Some may be lighted for evening use.
  • View detailed information on our courts and baseball, softball, multi-purpose, and soccer fields.
  • Reserve with Sports Unitat 520-791-4870.
  • Rates and Fees vary by facility. 
  • If an activity is open to the public, proof of liability insurance may be required.