Water Safety

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Water Safety

Safety is the prime concern at City of Tucson Parks and Recreation swimming pools. Safety, of course, is just as important when in or around private pools or any open water.

The American Red Cross and Tucson Parks and Recreation offer these suggestions to promote water safety:

  • Always swim near a lifeguard
  • Learn to swim – and be sure everyone in your household knows how to swim. Lessons are offered by Tucson Parks and Recreation, Pima County Parks and Recreation, YMCA branches, and private instructors
  • Never leave unattended a child who may gain access to any water
  • Even a small amount of water in a bucket can be dangerous to a child
  • Adult supervision is essential at all times
  • Do not rely on inflatables to support children in the water
  • Never swim alone
  • Observe posted rules – especially those regarding diving
  • When pool fences and self-latching gates are required by code, do not dismantle or alter them. Keep outside doors and windows leading to swimming pools locked
  • Read and follow the guidelines of the Pima County Health Department regarding pool sanitation and the storage of pool chemicals
  • At parties, hire a certified lifeguard, or be sure an adult has been assigned the specific responsibility of watching the children
  • Do not serve alcoholic drinks to guests who will be participating in water activities
  • Plan in case of emergency. Have simple rescue equipment such as a reaching pole available, provide quick access to a telephone and take a class in CPR
  • Remember our environment. Wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and go inside when lightning threatens
  • If a child is missing, check the swimming pool first

Special concerns for open water:

  • Everyone on a boat should wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket
  • Don't dive into water if you can't see into it to tell how deep it is
  • Children under 14 should not operate boats or personal watercraft
  • Instruct children about tides, rip currents and debris
  • Keep children in sight and within earshot