Building Codes

The City of Tucson has adopted the following codes with local amendments. The codes are updated periodically to reflect the latest standards of life-safety and construction technology. They can be found at the public library and/ or purchased through the International Code Council (ICC) or viewed at the Online Library. Each code has been amended to accommodate the City of Tucson. The local amendments (PDF format) are located below.

Information about Code used prior to 2013 is available here: Code History

Ordinance #11042 Adopting Local Amendments to Building Code


Ordinance #11089 Residential Gray Water (revised July 2013)

   Residential Gray Water Table P2601.2 - Exhibit A

   Residential Gray Water Illustrations - Attachment A

Ordinance #10549 Residential Solar Readiness Ordinance

  Solar Readiness Summary

Ordinance #10463 Inclusive Home Design - Handicap Visitability Preparations

   Inclusive Home Design Ordinance: Synthesis & Commentary

Ordinance #21369 Green Building Rating for Residential Construction

Plumbing Requirements for Foot Spas

If you wish to file an administrative appeal to the codes, please visit Code Modification for information.

Other Codes and Ordinances

Codes, Ordinances and Policies

Unified Development Code