Building Inspections

General Inspection Information

A permit is required to perform work on private property. Please refer to the exceptions for work that may be done without a permit. After a permit has been obtained, work may begin. Permit holders must have the work inspected prior to covering it up. For example, foundations must be inspected after the dirt is removed but before the concrete is poured.

Most residential work may be inspected through Remote Video Inspections. This program allows a permit holder to use their smart phone to chat with an inspector live and show the work performed through the video camera. Most commercial work must be inspected in person with the inspector on the job site. However, if the inspector has requested corrections, the follow-up inspection may be performed through Remote Video Inspections. In some cases, a photograph may be sent to the inspector for follow-up verification. Photographs may only be sent after an inspector has visited the site in person first and must be sent the same day the inspection occurred. These policies only apply to City of Tucson inspections. If you have other agencies performing inspections on your project, you must communicate with them directly for their inspection policies. 

The City of Tucson will no longer be performing inspections for window or stucco installation. The building code still applies to this type of work so care must be taken to ensure windows and stucco are installed correctly. If you have an active permit with window or stucco inspections attached, please diregard these items.

Inspections must be requested before 3 pm (Monday through Friday) in order to receive an inspection on the next business day. 

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Remote Video Inspections

How to request a City of Tucson Inspection

Schedule Building Inspections Online (Contractors license required)

List of IVR Building Inspection Codes



Inspection Fees

Re-Inspection fee      $82.50 

After hours inspection fee  $82.50 per hr (2 hr minimum)


Special Inspections

Special Inspection Certificate - Building & Grading

Special Inspection Certificate - Medical Gas

Special Inspector List is maintained by the Town of Oro Valley


Other Inspections

Code Enforcement Inspections

Pima County Health Department

Pima County Wastewater